A clear voice when things go wrong.

In addition to an alarm sound, Nest Protect speaks to you with a human voice. It tells you what the problem is and where it is. And if you have more than one Nest Protect, they connect so they can speak up at the same time even if Wi-Fi is down. Voice alarms can be important to your family’s safety. You have more information when seconds count. And according to a study, children can sleep through a beeping alarm. So Nest Protect sounds the alarm and uses a human voice to help kids wake up.

Makes you a promise.

Low-battery chirps ever rattle your dreams? Nest Protect has a better way: Nightly Promise. It’s a quick green glow when the lights go out that means the batteries and sensors are working. It also means no dreaded chirps at midnight. If there’s an issue, like the batteries need replacing, the light ring will glow yellow. Just wave at Nest Protect and it will tell you what’s wrong. Sweet dreams.

Silence alarms with a wave.

No more frantically swinging towels at the smoke alarm to quiet it down. If there’s a nuisance alarm, just stand under Nest Protect and wave your arm to hush the alert. As you wave, your hand should be 2 to 8 feet away from the alarm.

Information, not just alarms.

Nest Protect uses a human voice to tell you what’s wrong, where the problem is and what to do. It makes things simple for your family, and especially for kids. In an emergency, you can’t waste time figuring out if it’s a fire or carbon monoxide (CO) leak, which room it’s in or if you’re in immediate danger. You have to know. Now. So Nest Protect tells you. A Heads-Up and yellow light give you an early warning. A loud alarm and red light means there’s an emergency. Every second counts, so Nest Protect makes the most of every single one.

Orange: almost an emergency

Nest Protect gives you a friendly Heads-Up before it has to sound the alarm. It will light up yellow and tell you what's happening: "Heads-Up. There's smoke in the kitchen." It'll also send a notification to your smartphone or tablet. If it's a nuisance alarm, like smoke from cooking, you can silence the alarm and then handle the trouble.

Red: emergency

In addition to an alarm sound, Nest Prodect tells you what the danger is en where it is. "Emergency. There's carbon monoxide in the basement. Move to fresh air." Nest Protect also glow red to let you know it's an emergency and sends you a mobile notification. When Nest Protect senses that things are returning to normal, the color ring will glow green, it will say "Smoke is clearing in the hallway" and send a message to your smartphone or tablet.

A light that does more than blink at you.

The Nest Protect ring gives you more information than you're used to getting from a smoke alarm. It will glow yellow if there's a potential problem, red in an emergency or green to show you the batteries and sensors are working.

Designed with air in mind.

Airflow is key to a smoke alarm. And the right amount of air means better detection. We designed Nest Protect so that air comes in through the side vents and flows along interior channels that guide it toward the sensor.

Heat sensor

Where there’s a quickly rising temperature, there’s often fire. If Nest Protect senses a quick rise in temperature, it becomes more sensitive to smoke. You get an earlier alert, and more time, to handle an emergency.

Activity sensors

Tired of waving a towel at the smoke alarm when you burn the popcorn? Three activity sensors let you simply wave your arm at Nest Protect to hush the alarm.

Light sensor and ring

When you turn out the lights, Nest Protect shows you the batteries and sensors are OK by glowing green for a moment. And if you want a glass of milk in the middle of the night, it lights your way.

Talks to you

In a potential emergency, you need to know what the danger is and where it is. This speaker will tell you exactly that in English or Spanish.

Long-life batteries

You won’t need to switch out the batteries every year. And long before they run out, Nest Protect will notify you so you can replace the batteries and don’t suffer the dreaded late-night, low-battery chirp.

Built to connect

Nest Protect uses Wi-Fi to talk to the Internet for alerts and updates to your Nest app. And even if Wi-Fi goes down, your Nest Protects stay connected to one another.

Nest Protect

All of these sensors and all of that thinking fit neatly inside Nest Protect. Together they create a smoke alarm that’s more friendly. That’s more thoughtful. And to us, this matters. Because the things that protect our families should be as brilliant as they can possibly be.

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